Mystic Hive Slots

Mystic Hive Slots is a very colorful and lovely slot machine title from the software company Betsoft Gaming. With its mysterious and magical firefly theme, its great bonus features, and its captivating design elements, there is a big chance that this game will win you over in no-time when you start to spin its reels for fun and profits. Keep on reading this game review article to learn all the ins and outs of Mystic Hive Slots.

About the Designer of This Charming Slot Machine Title

Mystic Hive Slots belongs to the casino entertainment portfolio of Betsoft Gaming. This software developer has mainly made a name for itself in the online gambling world by creating various highly entertaining and beautiful looking slot machine titles. To that collection of, mostly, cinematic, 3D style video slots belong true classics like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slots, Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine Slots, Charms & Clovers Slots, and Gypsy Rose Slots.

Play Free Demo Versions of Betsoft Games

You can find the mentioned slot titles, as well as Mystic Hive Slots and other reel spinners, at Betsoft's website. On that website, you can play them for free in demo mode. Grab the opportunity to try out the firefly themed slot game to see if it fits all your criteria of a great virtual fruit machine before you decide to play it with real money. Some of the essential points to pay attention to while testing out the demo version of this entertaining casino game are its design elements and its features and functionalities.

The Design and Theme of This Slot Machine Game

This virtual fruit machine has similar design elements as its sister game, The Hive Slots. That gambling entertainment product is also a slot title creation from Betsoft Gaming. For example, it also lets you spin aptly themed symbols, like the mushroom, the gemstones (green, blue, purple, and red-colored), and the honeypot wild, on a hexagonal-shaped grid with 19 reel cells. The game is very colorful and mysterious, which fits well with the magical firefly theme. Furthermore, it has a soothing background tune that creates a calm atmosphere while you spin the reels and focus on making wins.

Game Features and Functionalities You Can Take Advantage Of

This 30 pay lines equipped slot title is also similar to The Hive Slots because of its bonus element setup. Like The Hive Slots, you need to fill up a bonus meter with the help of insects. Only, in the case of this game, those insects are not honey bees, but fireflies, which are just as lovely to look at, and they are also just as generous in helping you make the best out of this game.

Meet the Wonderful Fireflies of the Mystic Hive Slots

This game's real magic starts when the beautiful fireflies make their appearance on the honeycomb reel grid. These peculiar little insects come in three different colors (green, yellow, and red). Each type brings along special perks and benefits that help put extra casino credits into your player bankroll.

Green Fireflies Will Help You Fill up the Bonus Meter

The first firefly to pay attention to in this casino game is the green one. This pretty little insect can summon a storm of its friends. The summoned fireflies will swarm around the Mystic Hive, which improves your chance of collecting violet-colored nectar for the bonus meter on the right side of the hive reel grid. When this bonus meter is full, you get to play with some free spins.

Yellow Fireflies Bring Along Great Win Multiplier Perks

Yellow fireflies bring along a stacking win multiplier bonus when they appear on the game screen. This prize multiplier grows with the number of other lightning bugs that swarm around the Mystic Hive grid. In value, it equals all the yellow fireflies that are present on the reels plus one. The multiplier only applies to winning pay lines that align with a yellow firefly. At least one yellow firefly needs to align with a winning pay line to trigger the connecting feature activity.

Red Fireflies Will Lead You to Free Reel Spins

Besides the green fireflies, the red-colored ones also help you fill the violet nectar meter next to the reel grid. The more red fireflies you manage to get onto the game screen, the faster your bonus meter will fill up so that you can start to play with complimentary reel spins that can lead to additional casino credit profits.

Make the best out of Violet Nectar Free Spins Bonus

When you spin a red firefly on the reels, you will see that each red firefly that is currently zooming around the reel grid, together with the one you were able to spin on the game screen, will make sure that the violet nectar meter goes up a level. When you manage to fill up the meter, you will receive a total of five free spins as a reward.

Unleash the Power of Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds

While you are playing with free spins, one, two, or three nectar burst spreading wild symbols will land on the reel grid. These wild icons will then start to move over the grid to neighboring honeycomb reel spots. These moves happen after each free spin you complete, and they will continue to happen until you complete the free games round.

Make Sure You Know and Set the Right Bet Value for Your Reel Spins

Before you click on the spin button of this game, always check if you are going to play with the correct bet value. If you are gambling with real money wagers, you don't want to risk losing more credits than you can afford. However, you also do not want to place too small bets if your goal is to win big rewards. With the help of a minus and a plus key at the bottom of the game screen, you can adjust the wager value from a minimum of 0.10 casino credits to a maximum of 90 credits.

Look up Information at the Game's Second Screen Paytable Section

If you are still in need of more information about the game's features, payout rewards, and general rules after reading this review article or while playing the slot, you can take a look at its detailed paytable section. You can go to this second screen paytable section by clicking on the "I" key on the bottom left corner next to the sound button.

Where to Find and Play This Lovely Slot Machine from Betsoft Gaming

Since Mystic Hive Slots belongs to the entertainment portfolio of Betsoft Gaming, you need to look out for casino websites that run on the software from that developer if you want to play this slot machine game. At the virtual platforms from these casino operators, you can spin its reels for free in fun mode to practice and have thrill-free fun, or you can choose to go for the real deal by placing wagers with money credits.