Dim Sum Prize Slots

Dim Sum Prize Slots is a relatively new casino slot machine title from the influential casino software developer Betsoft Gaming. It gives you a mouthwatering Asian cuisine themed environment. In that charming environment, you can make as many bets and reel spins as you desire. While playing this game, you can have fun and make casino credit wins with free spins, re-spins, and regular symbol combinations. Keep reading to learn about this flavorful Betsoft Gaming reel spinner that you can find at many prominent online casino platforms.

Learn More About the casino software developer Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming has made many very compelling and beautifully designed slot machine titles during its existence as a software company. Many of these virtual slot machine titles are also very innovative when it comes to money-making game features. They manage to entertain you with 3D animations in story-based, cinematic settings. Some of the player favorites from this brilliant casino software developer's games are The Magic Shoppe Slots, Kawaii Kitty Slots, Birds Slots, and Sin City Nights Slots. Dim Sum Prize Slots is one of the more recent slot machine games from this developer.

Use the Demo Mode service to test out this casino game and others

If, after reading this game review article, you have become curious to give Dim Sum Prize Slots a couple of test spins before you commit to it with real money, then you can try it out as a demo mode version at the Betsoft Gaming website. Demo mode is a free service that lets you get familiar with the game and its features. The demo version of this delightful and player-friendly slot machine game is also a useful option if you have no desire to play with real money. Besides Dim Sum Prize Slots, you can also play many other Betsoft games in free demo mode.

The theme, symbols, and Design elements of this virtual fruit machine

One of the things you will likely enjoy a lot when you play this appealing food-themed reel spinner at online casinos is its beautiful game design elements. Making video slot games that are visually appealing is one of the software developer's most famous trademarks. Therefore, get ready to transport yourself to a traditional Asian/Chinese food stall that serves you various delicious looking reel food items like dumplings, rice noodle rolls, prawns, chicken feet, and a bamboo basket surprise. Be sure to combine these food symbol items with a lovely teatime wild to make your meal extra rich and satisfying. You can enjoy all these food products and more while listening to a soothing, Asian themed background tune that sets the mood.

The Crimson Coupon item will trigger Free Spins for you

Never miss out on the opportunity to make some wins and have fun while you are playing with complimentary spins. Three crimson coupon symbols will activate the beneficial free spins round for you in this game. You will receive five free games in total when you manage to land three of these crimson coupon items on the slot machine reels. During the free games mode session, the crimson coupons will become teatime wild icons. If a new teatime wild symbol shows up while you are spinning the reels in free spins mode, you will receive one free re-spin.

The Teatime Wild symbol will let you play with re-spins

Every teatime wild (substitute) symbol that lands on the reels during your spinning sessions will trigger one free re-spin award. The more of these wilds that show up on the game screen, the more re-spins you will receive. Every additional wild symbol remains at its spot and gives you another complimentary re-spin. In total, you can receive as much as nine free re-spins.

On the teatime substitute icon, you can see a display of your current re-spins number. During re-spins, crimson coupon attributes can show up on the slot reels, and the connected free spins bonus will trigger instantly. As long as the free spins round is active, the teatime wilds will stay at their positions. Lastly, all the wild icons present on the slot reels when you trigger the free spins will stay as well during those spins.

Find out what kind of surprise the Bamboo Basket will give you

The unique bamboo basket logo can show up at any time on the slot reels two, three, and four. Once it appears, it will open up to reveal a valuable gift. The first gift that it can hand out to you is a crimson coupon logo. You need three crimson coupon logos to activate the game's free spins bonus round. The second gift that it can deliver is the free re-spin triggering teatime substitute symbol.

Carefully set your wager value to make the best casino wins

As with any casino slot machine game, you get a chance to set your bet value before you hit the spin button of this slot title. With the help of a minus and a plus button found at the bottom of the game screen, you can set the bet wager value to a minimum of 0.05 casino credits and a maximum of 22.50. The higher you set the wager value, the bigger the risk will be, but the reward will also be more significant if you succeed on the slot reels.

Find out more about this game in its Paytable section

To learn more details about this particular slot machine title while you are playing it, you can head over to its second screen paytable section. Do this by clicking on the "I" at the bottom of the screen (next to the sound toggle button). You can read about essential game topics like bonus features, symbol payouts, and pay line structures in the paytable overview.

Make optimal use of the available Slot Machine Pay lines

This five-reel and three-row slot machine let you play with a total of ten fixed pay lines. Since they have a fixed structure, there is no option to change the number of active pay lines. Successful symbol combinations need to cross pay lines for them to trigger wins. You have to line these winning symbol combinations up on the reels in left to right formations to make them winners.

Where to enjoy the delicious treat that is Dim Sum Prize Slots

If the thought of some delicious Asian food makes your mouth water, and if you get all excited about making casino credit wins, you have to give Dim Sum Prize Slots a try at online casino platforms that have this game on offer in free fun mode or real money mode. Some of these casino operators also offer you the chance to play this game on the go. You can do that with your Android or iOS operated mobile device or your tablet. Make sure you visit a Betsoft Gaming software powered casino if you want to have a chance of spotting and trying out this more than tasty slot machine game.