Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots

A brilliant inventor has found its way to your game screen once again when you open up Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots at an online casino platform that has it on offer in its gambling entertainment portfolio. This 3D video slot title from the software developer Betsoft Gaming is a follow-up game to the previously released Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine Slots.

With its steampunk game design elements, its cluster payouts structure, and its unique features, like the Clusters of Time element and the free spins time streams, this five-reel slot machine game will succeed in fully capturing your imagination. It will lead you through exciting time travel journeys that come with many surprises and unique bonus perks. To learn more about what you can expect from this engaging slot machine title, make sure to read the Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots game review below.

How You Will Benefit from the Clusters of Time Game Element

Experiments with the concept of time continue in this casino game. A unique Clusters of Time feature will help you to trigger special bonus features and make extra wins. The slot randomly selects a total of five-reel spot positions on the game grid at every spin. When the symbol cascade ends after a spinning round, you might be lucky enough to see that a winning cluster covers any of those five-reel spot positions.

Try to cover as many selected slot reel spot positions as possible with winning clusters because it will increase your chance to launch unique time-traveling game elements. What's more, if you manage to cover all five of the reel spot positions with winning clusters, you start the free spins feature.

Travel through the Past, the Present, and the Future to Claim Rewards

True to its theme, Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots lets you travel through the past, the present, and the future. Each moment in time brings along particular perks and benefits that can significantly boost your casino bankroll. You learn more about these time zones and their specific slot machine bonus elements below.

Trigger a Spin Replay during the past Time

The Past game element activates a replay of your last slot machine reel spin. When the reel spin ends, you will see that another non-matching reel attribute cascade will take place. That cascade improves your winning chances. The cascade sequence repeats a total of five times to make your past better. At the end of the symbol cascade session, the game will calculate your total payout.

Activate Win Multipliers during the Present Time

The Present game element attaches a random multiplier (2 to 20 times) to your reel spinning wins. This multiplier reward attaches itself to every prize win that takes place during your initial slot reels spin. When the winning cascades finish, and the reel symbols are in their positions, you will see that the multiplier reward attaches itself to the accumulated wins from that reel spin.

Boost the Presence of a Particular Reel Symbol during the Future Time

The Future game element pics a random reel attribute from the game grid. You will then see that particular reel attribute show up more often during a free re-spin. A minimum of ten identical reel icons will cascade back in time from the future. By doing so, these symbols will give you a bigger chance to win very substantial casino credit rewards.

Travel through Time during Free Spins Game Rounds

You will trigger free spins when all the five randomly chosen positions on the slot machine's reel grid have a winning cluster that covers them. When that game situation takes place, you will have the opportunity to choose between the past, the present, or the future free spins time streams. Each of these time streams comes with specific free spins numbers and additional bonus perks. You can read more about the three different time streams and their particular benefits below.

Play with Free Spins and Re-Write the Past

If you pick the Past time stream perk as a gift, you will receive a total of 12 free spins to play and wager with during your game sessions. While you are playing and betting with these free spins, you will have the unique opportunity to rewrite the past because you receive an additional re-cascade at every moment that a complimentary spin ends.

Choose Free Spins That Let You Enjoy the Present Time

When you select the Present time stream bonus element as your gift, you will receive ten free spins in total. These complimentary slot reel spins will all come with a randomly attached multiplier reward (2 to 20 times). With the help of these complimentary spins and the win multiplier rewards, you will thoroughly enjoy the present time.

Select Free Spins That Let You Make the Best of Future Times

If you decide to choose the Future time stream as a gift of choice, you will receive six free spins. A minimum of ten randomly selected reel attributes will travel back in time from the future. These symbols will show up on the game grid during every free spin. The game randomly selects a new reel character during every free spin that takes place.

Discover the Symbol Substituting Powers of Time Charged Wilds

To further increase your wins during Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots reel-spinning sessions, you can try to spin powerful Time Charged wilds on the reels. These Time Charged wild icons replace other symbols in combinations so that you can complete these combinations and turn them into winners. You can replace every reel spot sign in the game with a Time Charged wild attribute.

Have a Good Reel Spinning Time at Betsoft Gaming Powered Casino Sites

Traveling through time and making big wins during the process was never so easy now that Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots is available at online casino platforms that run on the software from Betsoft Gaming. Give this beautifully crafted and uniquely themed reel spinner a try when you feel the desire to have a good gambling and gaming time at online casinos.