Primal Hunt Slots

Primal Hunt Slots takes you on a spinning trip far back in time during the stone age. It offers you a mix of free spins, prize multiplier triggering wilds, and regular symbols that you can use to make wins while you are playing this game. And during your epic quest for stone age reel-spinning profits, you will find plenty of entertaining elements as well due to this game's captivating theme and design. Read more about the features and functionalities of Betsoft Gaming's Primal Hunt Slots in the casino game review below.

About the Software Developer of This Casino Slot Machine Game

Suppose you are familiar with the slot machine creations from Betsoft Gaming. In that case, you will probably not doubt that Primal Hunt Slots is yet another high-quality reel spinner that will draw your attention with unique features, generous rewards, and beautiful design details. Those are the points that Betsoft likes to pay attention to when it creates its slot titles.

Primal Hunt Slots is one of the latest games from the software developer. Therefore, it isn't that much well-known yet. However, suppose you are a virtual slot machine enthusiast. You then might already be familiar with unforgettable video slot classics like Giovanni's Gems Slots, The Slotfather Slots, Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots, and It Came From Venus Slots.

Check Out This Casino Slot Game in Demo Mode

The classic slot machines that we mentioned above, together with this new stone age themed reel spinner, are available in demo mode at Betsoft Gaming's website. Since demo play mode is entirely free of charge, you will have no worries about losing money while you take the reels of your favorite games from this software developer on a test run.

Enjoy a Primal Reel Spinning Theme That Takes You to the Stone Age

This game's theme is that of the stone age, and that immediately becomes clear when you open up the slot on your device. The reel spinner will introduce you to a screen that displays various stone age symbols. Some of these symbols are, for example, the fierce-looking cave lion, a spear made from a sharp stone, and multiple cave paintings with different colors and animals (the blue mammoth, the orange bison, the green horse, and the brown deer).

The Slot's Design Effectively Creates a Prehistoric Era Environment

Together with the stone age theme of this slot reel spinner, you will, of course, also get to see design elements that match with that game environment. Your spinning sessions take place in an ancient cave where big stones with brown colors are prevalent. This game comes with a primitive background tune that successfully sets the primordial reel spinning experience mood. That tune makes you feel like you are in a special place in time when the earth was much younger and wilder.

Make the Most Out of the Features and Functionalities of This Game

Primal Hunt Slots is a less complicated game than some of Betsoft's other slot machine titles. It holds two easy to understand bonus features that make sure you win free spins and multiplier rewards. It does not have a progressive jackpot element, but you can still make big wins with the bonus features and regular symbol combination payouts. These big wins will primarily occur when you play with high bet values. The slot has a standard shaped game frame that consists of five reels and three rows. On those reels and rows, you need to spin the available symbols of the game.

Play With a Massive Number of Active Pay Lines

What is especially interesting about this casino slot machine game is that it has 80 fixed pay lines. That is quite a significant number for a virtual slot machine, and it ensures that you can make lots of wins. You cannot adjust the actual number of active pay lines, so you will always play with 80 of them during your reel spinning sessions. Make sure you land valid symbol combinations on the available active pay lines to ensure casino credits wins.

Make Powerful Free Spins Wins With the Hunting Cave Lion

The most potent symbol in this slot game is the hunting cave lion. This symbol can give you as much as 20 free spins together with an instant scatter win. Spin the hunting cave lion in a combination of five on the reels to trigger the highest paytable payout of 2,112.00 credits (with a top value bet) and 20 free spins.

A successful combination of four hunting cave lion symbols on the reels triggers an instant payment of 352 credits (with the highest bet amount) and 12 free spins. Lastly, a symbol combination of three cave lions triggers 176 casino credits (with the highest bet value) and eight free spins. While free spins are active, you can re-trigger the feature.

Things Get Really Intense When the Wild Symbol Comes Into Play

Things start to get intense when the wild multiplier symbol (2x and 3X) comes into play during your free spins sessions. It is at that moment you begin to multiply your slot machine winnings by two or even three. What's more, multipliers also multiply. For example, if you spin the 3x symbol three times on the slot reels, your win multiplier will become no less than 27. That feature allows you to make massive wins while you are playing this casino game.

Set a Preferred Wager Value for Your Reel Spinning Sessions

With 80 pay lines at your disposal, you can make a lot of high value wins, but you can also significantly influence the outcome of these wins by changing the bet value. You do this by using either the minus key or the plus key at the game screen. Your wager value options range from a minimum of 0.20 casino credits up to a maximum of 22 credits.

Play This Casino Slot Title in Various Game Play Modes

The casinos that have this game on offer will let you play it in various modes. Many of them have an option to play it for free in fun credit mode so that you have a chance to practice and have non-money related fun. Of course, every one of these casinos also has an option available to play the game with real money so that you can go after big profits. Lastly, mobile-friendly casinos give you the opportunity to play this game on the go with your Android or iOs powered smartphone or tablet. Choose which option you like the most and set those primitive reels in motion.

Spin the Reels of This Primitive Slot Machine at Betsoft Casinos

If you love the prehistoric era and like to make slot game wins with modern-day reel spinners, Primal Hunt Slots might be the perfect casino game. You can find and play this game at online casino platforms that run on the reliable and high-quality software from Betsoft Gaming, so be sure to give these casinos a visit the next time you go online to bet for astounding profits and to play for fun.