The Hive Slots

The Hive Slots is a unique, fun inducing slot machine title that will capture your attention with its friendly looking and high-quality design elements, its innovative features, and its lucrative rewards. With its honeycomb shaped reel grid and the three special bees that call it their home, this game will give you more than just a standard reel spinning experience. Read more about The Hive Slots and its creator in the game review article below.

More information About Betsoft Gaming

The Hive Slots belongs to the casino entertainment portfolio of Betsoft Gaming. Avid casino game players know this software developer for its cinematic, 3D video slot machine creations like, for example, Giovanni's Gems Slots, Miles Bellhouse, and the Gears of Time Slots, Pinocchio Slots, and A Night in Paris Slots.

Besides these classic slots and others, Betsoft Gaming also develops entertainment products like video poker titles, scratchers, and a 3D, virtual racebook service. Furthermore, casinos can turn to this company for its back-end software. The gambling platforms can use that software to run their online platforms. You can find more information about the software developer's games, products, and services at the developer's website:

Play The Hive Slots for free in demo mode

At the Betsoft Gaming website, you can also play The Hives Slots and other virtual reel spinners in demo mode. Make sure to grab that opportunity because it lets you enjoy this bee-themed slot title for free so that you can get to know its features and functionalities before you decide to start playing it with real money.

Design elements of the game

This bee-themed video fruit machine will give you happy feelings, and not only because of the generous casino credit rewards that it has on offer. The slot will take you to the green countryside on a sunny day with a clear blue sky. It is there where you find a honeycomb-shaped reel grid that is the home and workplace of a bunch of friendly-looking bees. Besides these bees, you will also encounter the honey barrel wild, ladybugs, flowers (red ones, purple ones, and white ones), and honey-covered card game symbols. Spin these symbols into winning combinations on the honeycomb reels while you listen to a relaxing background tune during the process.

Features and functionalities of the game

Unsurprisingly, if you are familiar with the games from Betsoft, The Hive Slots is no regular video slot title. You will see that right away because the slot has a unique hexagonal grid with 19 symbol spots instead of a standard, square-shaped reel frame. The slot machine has 30 pay lines that cross the reel cells of its honeycomb-shaped grid. You can line up winning symbol combinations both diagonally and horizontally. The game has no progressive jackpot feature, but you can make bonus wins and free spins thanks to three special bees.

Meet the three most important bees of the hive

You need to pay attention to three types of bees in this casino slot machine game because they make sure that your reel spinning experience will be a pleasant and profitable one. With the help of these hard-working and loyal bees, you can start to collect the sweetest of slot game profits.

During every spin that you make while playing this game, random types of bees can show up next to the hive reel grid. With each reel spin that follows, they will then move clockwise and take on a new position around the slot's honeycomb hive. When a random number of reel spins has taken place, the bees will disappear again.

Pay special attention to the Queen bee

The first bee to especially pay attention to is the queen of the hive. The queen bee has, of course, always a crucial role to play in every bee have. In this particular colony of "buzzy" workers, she not only reigns, but she also summons bees that will fly around the hive to increase your chance of bringing home more golden goodness. What's more, the queen of the beehive is also the highest paying symbol on the paytable (900 credits for a combination of five)

Let the Drone bees help with filling your special honey meter

The second type of bee you need to pay attention to while spinning this slot's reels is the drone bee. Drone bees are the buzzing friends that will fill up your special honey meter. You can see this honey meter on the left side of the game screen. When the honey meter is full, it will activate free spins for you. The more drone bees you can spawn, the faster your meter will fill up.

Multiply your wins with the help of humble Worker bees

The Third and last bee to pay attention to during your honey-rich reel-spinning adventure is the humble worker bee. This type of bee hands out a stacking win multiplier perk. The actual multiplier gift you receive connects with the number of worker bees buzzing around the hive. In value, it is the number of bees that are present plus one extra multiplier. Your multiplier gift only applies to win triggering pay lines that connect with a worker bee. At least one worker bee needs to be aligned with a pay line if you want to start the worker bee activity.

Claim Sticky sweet free spins

As mentioned above, drone bees connect with the free spins feature of this slot machine game. Each spawned honey bee that flies around the hive reel grid is responsible for a one-level increase of the Honey Meter. When you manage to fill the honey meter, a total of five free spins will come your way.

Land Honey burst spreading wilds on the reel grid

While free spins are active, one, two, or three honey burst spreading substitute icons will show up on the reel grid. These wild symbols will jump from their initial positions to adjacent reel spots after every spin that you complete. The wilds will continue to take over the reels until you finish the free games round.

Determine your wager value before you hit the spin button

Before you start to play and take advantage of all the great features and game elements of this slot title, you need to decide your wager value if you plan to make real money bets. At the bottom of the slot game screen, you find a minus and a plus key that you can use to change the bet value. The minimum bet amount you can play with is 0.10 credits, and the highest bet amount is no less than 90 credits. Keep in mind that bets with higher values can trigger big rewards but also significant losses.

Where to play This honey bee themed reel spinner

The Hive Slots is a slot machine game that you can find and play at online casino platforms that run on the high-quality gambling software from Betsoft Gaming. Give it a try in free fun mode or real money mode at these casino websites if you have a soft spot for friendly and hard-working bees, sweet golden honey, and casino credits rewards.