Triple Cash Or Crash Slots

Triple Cash or Crash is an interesting slot title. It's not your average slot, that's for certain. It has unique mechanics and a unique format you won't often run into. This game is by the creators at Betsoft and is all about rocketing off into space! Players can win up to 100,000x your bet through this game. This interactive game is a truly one of a kind experience. This game draws its inspiration from everything sci-fi and hi tech, and space based. The game grid takes place in the sky as a rocket launches off into space. There are three astronauts, and their jobs are to fly higher and deeper into space with every bet you place. The RTP for this particular games lands around 96%.


This slot doesn't feature any typical free spins or multipliers. Of course, that makes sense considering the slot isn't traditional in any sense whatsoever. You need to eject the astronauts safely before the rocket explodes, that's the entire goal of the game. If you can eject the astronauts at the right time, you'll land some generous wins. Your timing must be precise. The higher your astronauts fly before being ejected, the more your total payout will be because the game will multiply the individual astronaut's bets. Remember, the astronauts have to escape in time because if the rocket explodes, you'll land zero points. To bet on the astronauts, during the Takeoff Countdown to the Next Launch, you need to bet on the crew by hating the Place Bet button. This button is located next to the three astronauts. You can adjust your bets by using the < and > button. The format might take a minute to get used to if you've never played a similar game before, but that's why you can play it in demo mode for a while before placing any real money bets. Before the rocket goes up in flames you can eject each of the astronauts. You can also set the game to eject the astronauts automatically when any of your astronauts reach a certain multiplier. The audio compliments the theme of the slot and features numerous theatrics. You can land 100,000x your stake via the jackpot associated with this game.

This game isn't entirely difficult to learn though. If you've ever played the game Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, you'll be able to pick up on the mechanics of this slot easily. This is a really trendy sort of slot ad as long as you're willing to tinker around with the buttons and practice a little beforehand, it's worth playing. This game is all about timing, rather than randomized winning combinations.


In the end, this slot probably isn't for everyone, but no game truly is. Triple Cash or Crash was a refreshing challenge and requires a bit more skill than your average slot, and I loved the opportunity to really sit down and actually learn a game based on timing. The fact that Betsoft created it eased my mind regarding any concerns I had upon initially giving it a try, because Betsoft themselves is such a reputable company, I know they would never back anything illegitimate because it would cost them a reputation they've been building for years. BetSoft isn't afraid to try out something innovative and new, and this slot is evidence of that.

If you can masterfully figure out the timing on the eject button, you'll be swimming in wins. If you're really lucky, you might land the 100,000x jackpot. Keep in mind it's key to not eject too early or too late, but If you're willing to take some time and practice the game beforehand, this might be just the slot you've been waiting for.