Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

Dive into the South African jungle with Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots, complete with a jungle background and friendly cartoon character hosts. The Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slot game online offers players the chance to win great prizes upon three reels and five pay lines. It was created by Betsoft Gaming Group and is compatible with windows, Linux, and Mac. Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots comes with a progressive jackpot, multiple bonus features, and coin size value options that include $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00. it is perfect for any budget size, giving players the chance to wager between one and five coins per spin. The game is also mobile-friendly, allowing players to enjoy it from their mobile device, phone, or tablet.

Go On An Adventure With An Aztec King: Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

While the Aztec theme is not unusual in the world of online slot games, Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots does a great job of making it unique. The main character of this bonus slot game is the Aztec king, who is on a mission to collect unique stones, all the while making significant attempts to charm the females. Players can help the king collect the stones by spinning the reels. Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots Symbols include amulets, pyramids, tiles, necklaces, gems, idols, the Aztec king, and ladies. When three or more of this same symbol are landed, a payout is paid.

Multiple Bonus Features Take Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots To A Higher Level

Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots Comes with various bonus features that add significant value to the game itself. The first bonus feature is called the "Love Hut." during this bonus feature, players get the chance to pick a gift to give to two ladies in a "click me" style game. It is triggered when a player is able to land three Love Hut symbols. The gifts players can win during this bonus feature include cash and free spins.

Players can also enjoy the Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots cumulative bonus feature. On the side of the reels, players can see how they are progressing toward this bonus prize. Their progression depends on the number of stones they collect by spinning the reels. The stones are randomly awarded when the Aztec king appears on the screen and shoots at the reels. When all three of the stones are collected, this cumulative bonus feature will begin. When this bonus feature begins, the reels disappear in a hidden room appears instead. There are three holes in the hidden room, and players must place a stone into each hole. If they are correct in their placement, another hidden room will open.

A third bonus feature will be triggered in Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slot if a player lands three gekko symbols. When three gekkos show up, the player will be rewarded with free spins. Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots also comes with a random bonus. There is no rhyme or reason to activate this bonus, but it will begin when a calendar symbol lands anytime anywhere on the screen.